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Dental Crowns
Anchorage, AK

Dental crowns are one of the most popular cosmetic smile enhancement procedures at Southington Family Dentistry. Do you want to join a long list of our happy patients? Then let us look at how crowns can help improve your dental health.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown is a cover that we put over one or several teeth. It can restore them to their normal shape, make them stronger, and repair chipped or broken teeth. It might be a good restorative procedure for you if you have a large cavity, a tooth that is chipped, cracked or worn down.

Additionally, it is a popular option for those who just had a root canal procedure, since it can protect the treated tooth and give it back its natural strength. This means the tooth can be used as it was before it was damaged by decay. Finally, many patients use it for aesthetic purposes, mainly to cover up discolored teeth.

Materials Used For Crowns

We use ceramics, porcelain, composite resin, and metal alloys. The material we will help you choose for your crown will depend on your case. We will need to consider where the tooth is located, its primary function, the state of the gums, the color of the tooth as well as your personal preferences. Whichever option we go for, we will make sure that the color is to your liking and that it fits comfortably.

The Crowning Procedure

In most cases, our patients will need to book at least two visits to the treatment. After the initial assessment and consultation, we will begin to prepare the tooth. We will remove the surface portion and any decayed material. This will ensure that no bacteria is trapped underneath the crown to cause later dental problems. It will also create the room needed for the crown to be fitted on top of the tooth and match up with its neighbors.

After that, we will take an impression of the tooth using digital scanning. We will send the impression to our lab to make a correct model of the crown. You might wait up to two weeks until the model is complete. We might give you a temporary crown if the tooth is easily noticeable. Once your crown is ready, we will place it on your tooth to check for fitting and if the color matches with the neighboring teeth. We will make additional adjustments until you are completely happy with the results. Finally, if approved, we will cement it to the tooth.

Our crowns are typically long-lasting but are not a natural tooth. To encourage this durability, you should avoid chewing on hard foods or objects. We may schedule another appointment later to check on your comfort and carry out some polishing.

Crowns are one of the favorite procedures of our patients. It is a simple and affordable dental treatment solution that mostly requires only two visits. If you have a broken, discolored or misshaped tooth, call us at Southington Family Dentistry at (860) 628-4761, and we will help you decide on the best procedure for you.
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